July, 2017

Select Emerging PBMs Gain Market Share

Express Scripts and CVS Caremark Maintain Lead

March, 2017

HTA Agencies Differ Based on Governance, Functional Role, and Use of HTA to Inform Decisions

Biopharmaceutical companies must recognize the differential application of common HTA principles/methodologies within each agency, tailoring tactics to individual setting requirements

March, 2017

Health Strategies Group Announces the Launch of Global Syndicated Market Research to its Portfolio

Now Available: KnowledgeEdge™ HTA Impact on Global Access provides insight on the influence of HTA on access, coverage, and reimbursement so you can anticipate the needs of HTA bodies in key geographies.

January, 2017

Brand Attributes Driving Access Decisions Vary by Stakeholder and Hematologic Cancer Type

Health Strategies Group’s predictive analysis model reveals that attributes driving access decisions vary by stakeholder and hematologic cancer type.

December, 2016

The Skills and Expertise Necessary to Thrive in 2020

What skills and expertise will health plans need to develop in order to survive and compete in 2020?

December, 2016

The Impact of Recent Market Events on Cardiovascular Agents

How do key market events and payer trends affect access for brands in the category?

November, 2016

Controlling Costs with Traditional Pharmacy Management Tools

How do Qualified Health Plans manage healthcare costs in the Marketplace?

November, 2016

Distinct Factors Define the Capabilities of Each ACO Segment

How do ACOs compare across key business attributes?

November, 2016

Three Market Events Will Notably Impact Management of Specialty Products

What market events do health plans anticipate will have significant impact on their management of specialty products?

November, 2016


Gilead, Lilly, Novartis, Novartis Oncology, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi have some of the best relationships with clinical decision makers at PBMs and health plans.


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